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If you want to help, here is a list of things you could do to help out :)

To do:

  1. Critical Error handler (Int 24h)
  2. Control-Break handler (Int 23h) (FIX EXISTING ONE)
  3. Splitting DOG in to resident and transient parts
  4. Make the remaining commands
    • LH. DOG will need this command to be usefull in modern systems...
    • CC
    • CT of Check and possibly fix it.
  5. Pipes, only one pipe is possible at this moment WORKING ON IT
  6. Doskey-like features. This should be an external TSR command.


  1. Win95 shortcuts to be executable.
  2. A Mac-version :]
  3. A linux version =) hmm...


  • Short (2 character) commands
  • Executable directories. Now you don't have to type the tedious cd just because you want to change directory.
  • Small size
  • Batch files.
  • Support FreeDOS.

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Wish list

Here are the wishes of developers
  • Eugene Wong:
    What do you think about removing pp? I thought that the prompt and path variables could easily be set by the "set" command. If they wanted to see the path or prompt values, it might make more sense for those learning an OS to type out "set" because the path and prompt values are stored in environment variables, right?
    Wolf Bergenheim:
    Hmm.. Interesting idea!. Prompt and path will be in the environment once I get it set up. (DOG doesn't use the env. yet...) something to do... I think that removing pp and pt is a good idea. I guess I'll have to start doing the environment stuff....
    PP is removed from DOG. The prompt env. var is set using the SE command.