Test run DOG
Installation guide

Installing DOG

Step one

Go to the the download page and download the executables. Save this downloaded file in a temporary locatyiion (for instance C:\TMP).

Step two

Unzip the DOG.ZIP file with the -d switch. Like this:
cd C:\ pkunzip -d TMP\DOG.ZIP
This will create a directory tree for DOG. You can copy DOG and the other executables any where you like. (or just leave them in the default location for clarity). This tutorial assumes that DOG is located in C:\DOG\BIN Make sure your PKUNZIP.EXE is in your path. You can get the PKUNZIP program from the download page.

Step three

Add the following line in your CONFIG.SYS-file. If you already have a shell command in CONFIG.SYS, just replace it with the following. You can make it a comment by adding REM infront of it (in case you want to go back to the old shell. The environment given is just an example. You can use any value you normally use for COMMAND.COM

If you are unsure use a bootable floppy first, then when this works, modify your CONFIG.SYS on the boot-disk (C:)

This will make DOS start DOG as the first program at boot.

Step four

Edit dog.dog (in C:\)
HINT: You can copy autoexec.bat to dog.dog and then go through it, and change all the internal COMMAND.COM commands into the DOG replacements. Check in your DOS manual for the internal commands.

Step five

Reboot your computer by pressing CONTROL-ALT-DELETE